After Hours Emergencies

Unfortunately not all car problems occur during business hours. If you should experience car problems after hours in which the vehicle is not drivable, simply call one of the towing companies listed below or AAA if you have towing insurance.

Leave a signed note inside the vehicle authorizing 65.00 dollars for Northern Auto Service to make an initial diagnosis. Include your name and phone numbers where you can be reached. We will determine the problem and call you with an estimate for repairs.

If you must leave the vehicle or if it is more convenient you may have the towing company charge the tow bill to us and we will transfer it to your repair order.

Be sure to leave a set of keys with the car and take your house key with you.

Most repairs can be completed by the end of the next business day.

Anytime Towing   929-8990
Ward Eaton Towing  947-3610